Best Affiliate Programs in Pakistan [For Quick & Easy Earning]

Top Affiliate Programs in Pakistan For Bloggers & YouTubers

Are you looking to be a part of the best affiliate network in Pakistan, or looking for a quick and easy affiliate earning website then you must read this article till the end.

We have broken down some best affiliate programs in Pakistan which have been proven best for quick and easy earning. If you are a YouTuber or blogger these customer referral programs will help you to increase your income with ease.

Affiliate and referral programs are now the best options for online earning. There are many websites offering online affiliate and referral system. But we arranged some best websites and companies in ascending order to help you to choose options that fit perfectly according to your needs and site audience.


affiliate programs in pakistan


What you should keep in Mind before being part of Any Affiliate Program

[Affliate Marketing Tips For Pakistani Affiliate Market]

We strongly recommend you to keep these simple but effective tips in mind while choosing your affiliate partner in Pakistan.

Because, if you are putting your efforts in a wrong program so you will not be able to earn anything. The following key points will help you to choose quickest and easiest possible option for your affiliate marketing.

No.1 Market Share of the Company

Before choosing any affiliate company make sure to check how much market share that company has. if they are a leader in market you must go for it.

No. 2 Competition

Secondly, you must check how many competitors they have. If they have less or no competition then you must go for their affiliate program.


No.3 Affiliate Commission Structure and Policies

You should check their commission structure which will help you to estimate your earning. Also, it will encourage you to work in the right direction.

Also, you must check their policies, customer satisfaction, and customer experience. if they delight their customers then hopefully they will also delight you as being their affiliate partner.

according to our deep research and experience, we have shortlisted following few companies and affiliate websites in Pakistan and marked them as best affiliate programs in Pakistan.


No.1 Online Raja Bazar (Private Limited) B2B Affliate Program.

If you are a YouTuber and your channel is based on business tips then Online Raja Bazar affiliate program would be best choice to earn quick money online. Online Raja Bazar is Pakistan’s First registered online wholesale company.

Working on B2B (Business to Business) model and offering mobile phone accessories to shop keepers in all over the country. Many people don’t know about this perfect affiliate program in Pakistan.


Why we listed Online Raja Bazar at top of the list ??

Online Raja Bazar is top of the list in Pakistani affiliate programs for the following reasons.

No. 1 This is a registered company so thair polices meet government standards and compliance laws.

No. 2 This is B2B (Business to Business) company so for every referral you will get a huge commission because their cart value is always high and they only offer wholesale and bulk services.

No. 3 ORB customer referral and affiliate program is easy to implement you don’t need to have a conversion page or funnel to convert a customer into sales you just need to refer them with your referral id it is simple. even you can refer physical customers to OnlineRajaBazar while walking through market.

No. 4 they calculate your commission on monthly basis and automatically transfer your earning into your bank or easy paisa mobile account. even you don’t need to regularly check your affiliate earning from your referral dashboard.

No. 5 They don’t have any minimum threshold limit, So you can get your little money as little of 100 Pakistani rupees.

No. 6 ORB has regular customer base because of B2B model so you will work less and earn more. Their repeat customers will help you earn more and more.


How to get Online Raja Bazar Referal ID??

Getting a referral ID from is easy simply you need to call the phone number provided on the company’s official website:

alternatively, you can avail this best affiliate marketing service by just contacting them on WhatsApp and you will be asked to share your YouTube channel link or your Blog URL. Within a few hours you will be able to start your instant affiliate earning.


No2. Daraz Affiliates Program in Pakistan

Daraz.Pk is best affiliate option for you if your blog or YouTube channel is about product reviews and recommendations.  they are working on B2C (Business to Consumer) model. they are selling retail products.

so their average cart value is low. Also mostly they have one-time customer. So you cannot earn big money and also you have to work regularly.


No3. InstaShop Digital Products Affiliates in Pakistan.

InstaShop is a digital product by Online Raja Bazar (Pvt. Ltd). This product comes with yearly subscription model. So you can earn handsome affiliate income on a regular basis. Company is offering of Rs.5000/- instant upfront commission for each order and Rs.3000/- regular yearly commission on every service renewal.

This is one of the best Affiliate income options in Pakistan. This product is also made for local businesses and shops to get their business online. you can learn more about instaShop here. if you are YouTuber then you should not miss this opportunity.


No.4 Telemart Affiliate Program

Telemart newly opened their affiliate program and highly encouraging their affiliate partners. They also offer good commission structure but their affiliate and customer referral system is a little bit complicated and require more skills to convert customers into sales.

No 1 reason is their competitive market which is already dominated by Daraz. So you have to work hard to get better income from this telemart.

No. 4 kaymu.PK Affiliate

Kaymu is also an online shopping website in Pakistan and also offering a customer referral program. you can avail their affiliate program if your YouTube channel is talking often about products, Unboxing, and reviews. But again this website has great competition in market.

So you have to work hard to convince the customer to buy from kaymu. Because this website is low equity and less customer trust.


After researching and testing many affiliate marketing networks and websites in Pakistan, Online Raja Bazar (Pvt. Ltd) was our best choice. Because they don’t have any competition also there commission structure is recurring.

Their customer are not domestic customers because ORB works on B2B model so their customers are businessman and can take big orders and big average cart value.

Also their customer are repeating and returning because they don’t have any other option in online market to buy products in bulk.  it is easy to convince customers to buy from Online Raja Bazar.

Also the Company has greate customer experience and loyalty all over the Pakistan. Their customer are fully satisfied by their services Which is again a good signal for their long term and user-friendly policies.

Online Raja Bazar (Pvt .Ltd) is a registered company so customers can trust and buy from them easily.

Thank you for reading this article please do share if you found it useful.

Online Raja Bazar Price Review [Video]

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