Telenor Answers 16 April 2020 – Telenor My App Questions Answers

Telenor Answers 16 April 2020

Hi, guys following are answers for questions asked today in my telenor app test your skills quiz.? These are all correct answers. Please share this post on social media with your friends and let them know about these awesome telenor answers and quiz.

Telenor Answers for 16 April 2020

Question: Italy is Subdivided in How Many Regions?

Answer: 20

Question: What is the Name of the Longest River of Italy?

Answer: River Po

Question: Which Language is Spoken Most Widely?

Answer: Spanish

Question: Which Country Has The Second Highest Unemployment Rate?

Answer: Spain

Question: Luxembourg is a Small – – – – – – -?

Answer: Country 

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